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I'm a UI & UX designer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Since graduating with an honours degree from in 2010, I have been working full time and am currently at The Weather Digital - an agency based in Edinburgh.

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What I Do


Using Axure for wireframes and a pencil for sketching, I start off with low or high fidelity prototypes. A huge amount can be learnt from UX testing at this early stage.


Depending on whether there is an existing brand in place, I create a series of different themes using fonts, colour palettes and imagery.

Designing UI

This tends to follow on from the concept creation stage, and involves refining elements so that all aspects communicate in the same coherant, visual manner.

Front End Coding

I take a design and build it using a variety of frontend tools, tips and tricks that I've picked up over the years.


Using various tools, I'm able to see what is or isn't working. I then suggest improvements that can could be made to enhance the overall experience.

Enhancing UX

Following on from the analysis phase, this tends to be the implementation of the points that have come from studying how users interact with the site.

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